This post will be short because I have to run up to morning duty with the kiddos. I just need to proclaim to the world (or the few people who read my blog) how much joy teaching brings to my life. Last night, the soccer team I coach had a game at 5:15. Rather than sitting around on their phones, the girls decided to have a homework club. I sat and read their math problems to them, and they worked together to master the content. Then they played soccer and worked cohesively, coming up short against a tough team 2-1.

I have no idea what having children is like. At twenty-two years old, I’m not sure I’ll ever be prepared for having a child… certainly not at this juncture in my life, anyway. However, working with the one hundred-ish students I see on a regular basis brings unending joy to my life.

They keep me young, free-spirited, adventurous, aware of my actions, energetic, on my toes, on top of my content area, and fully engaged in my life. I wake up each morning not knowing what to expect at work, and I am blessed to have a job that gives me such bliss.

I become a better version of myself each day of the year, and I look forward to another day of seeing what my students will teach me.


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