Ringing in 2017!

With 2017 just around the corner, I found myself trying to create a list of resolutions for myself. According to Dictionary.com, a resolution is changing an undesired behavior in oneself. Based on this definition, I don’t want to set resolutions. I don’t want to wait until the new year rolls around before I start breaking bad habits; shouldn’t I constantly be evaluating myself and correcting areas of weakness and sin? Instead, I want to set goals for 2017- goals that I refuse to not achieve! They will be my primary focus of the year, even in the doldrums of rainy days, the heartache of fractured relationships, and the exhaustion of living another three hundred and sixty-five days. I have an irrational fear of failure, and it’s something I’m trying to rid myself of. Instead of excitedly telling people my aspirations, I wait until I have achieved them to share the news just in case I fail. What a lonely way to live! I am breaking free of this fear by sharing my New Year’s goals with whomever reads this post. In honor of it being 2017, I have created a list of seventeen goals for myself and appreciate all the moral support and accountability necessary to accomplish them all.

1. Read through the entire Bible
2. Run the year- 2,017 miles in 2017 (this will include hiking!)
3. Finish the four thousand footers of New Hampshire
4. Summit one of the seven summits (I’m looking at Kilimanjaro in August)
5. Travel to ten new countries
6. Climb a 5’12 and a V5 (I’m currently at 5’11s and V3s… a long way to go!)
7. Read 52 books, one for each week of the year
8. Finish my master’s degree
9. Hike the Long Trail in Vermont
10. Do a wreck dive
11. Run another marathon
12. Go an entire month without social media
13. Save $25,000
14. Master the art of politely saying ‘no’
15. Learn a new skill (I haven’t decided what yet… I’m leaning towards sewing)
16. Plant a garden (and hopefully keep it alive)
17. Fall more in love with Jesus

My hope is that these ambitions help me become the best version of myself yet! Please encourage me to stick with these goals as the new year unfolds!


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