Year Three: Day One

I’m trying to promote reflective practice in my life and decided that I would try to blog at the end of each work day, even if it’s just one quick paragraph analyzing how the day went.

This year is my third of teaching, and I feel more and more affirmed in my career choice every day.

I started out the class period with giving a bit of background about myself as a person, not a teacher. Life and learning are so much bigger than just being students/professionals! I then shared some items from my bucket list that I’ve completed this summer and am currently working towards. We then made bucket lists together and moved around the room on certain colored tiles to share with others. The kids enjoyed the physical movement. (I have to remember to keep them moving throughout the class period as often as possible.) We moved on in class by going through class routines and expectations. Lastly, we finished up class by completing the sentence “I wish my teacher knew that…” on a sheet of paper. It could be anonymous or not. I was blown away by how raw and honest so many of the students were. I am incredibly lucky to be working with this group this year.

For next year, I would probably wait to review classroom routines and expectations until at least the second day. It was too much information and not enough personal interaction with the students. I would probably do something further with the bucket lists- videos, more time to think about them, or just an entirely different activity to get to know the kids better.

I can’t wait for a great year!


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Mr Benjamin Hamilton says:

    I could definitely take a few ideas from you about how to approach my first day. I’m not entirely sure year 10 will appreciate me talking about my bucket list though, when they are expecting some maths!


    1. misswischan says:

      I would love to brainstorm with you any time!


  2. Mr Benjamin Hamilton says:

    PS. Interested to read more…


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